Plan the perfect bachelor party in Austin

So, you are planning an awesome bachelor party in Austin for your best friend, and you have no idea what to do because none of you have ever been to Austin. How will you plan a weekend you’ll all remember, knowing nothing at all about Austin? Don’t worry, I am here to help. As a tour operator, it is very important to me that all my guests have an experience they’ll never forget while in Austin. I come up with ideas for Austin bachelor parties at least once a week, so you could say I am a somewhat of a bachelor party expert. Also, as a long time Austinite, I know ALL the cool places. With proper coordination and planning, you and I will plan the best bachelor party ever, one to remember for the ages.

What you need to know

  • Lodging: Where to stay in Austin?
  • Things to do: What activities are fun in Austin?
  • Food: Where to eat in Austin?
  • Nightlife: Where is the best nightlife in Austin?


Lodging: Where to stay in Austin?

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You probably want to find a place to stay first. Most bachelor party groups choose to rent a house for their large party. It’s more fun to party in a house in a local neighborhood than in a stuffy hotel, plus you get that local vibe. Many houses are available for rent on the hip east side of Austin. The east side has many cool restaurants and bars within walking distance and great nightlife. Downtown areas of Rainey ST and 6th ST are very close by as well. Airbnb is most people’s first choice for a vacation rental. Other popular choices include Homeaway and VRBO. If you do want to stay in a hotel in downtown proper, popular options are the JWMarriot and the Hotel Van Zandt.

Things to do: What activities are fun in Austin?

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After settling on a place to stay in Austin, you probably will look for activities to keep your group busy during the day. Austin has over 30 breweries producing an amazing variety of craft beer. Bachelor party groups love to take a brewery tour as a way to take in the city and try all of our excellent beer. Austin Brewery Tours is a popular provider for this activity. You visit 3 breweries in just one afternoon with a hired guide/driver. Tours can be booked directly on their website.

Most people want to hit the water on one of their days, especially if visiting during the summer. Barton Springs is a popular cool temperature, spring-fed pool in central Austin. The water is a cool 70 degrees or so, and there is abundant shade provided by oak trees.  Admission is $8.

Paddleboarding and kayaking is another popular water activity you can do in Austin. Head to the Texas Rowing Club to rent paddleboards and/or kayaks. The best views of the city can be seen from the middle of the lake.

Tubing is a popular activity in Austin as well. Head down to San Marcos or Gruene to take advantage of our cool rivers. Hire a guide and catch a ride from downtown Austin. At the river you rent tubes and float the river with a cooler full of beer in tow.

Finally, a visit to the gun range is another popular bachelor party activity in Austin. The Range is a state of the art shooting facility in Austin. They feature top of the line amenities like innovative targeting systems, world class training, and the largest gun and gun accessory selection in Texas.

Food: Where to eat in Austin?


austin brewery tours

After spending the day enjoying the sights and sounds around Austin, you will probably will have worked up a healthy appetite. With so many choices of restaurants in Austin, it can be hard to choose. Fortunately, we are here to recommend the best of the best to you. Most people that visit Austin want to try our world famous BBQ. Franklin BBQ is hands down the most famous BBQ in Austin. People get in line early and stand in line for hours to try Aaron Franklin’s delicious smoked meats. Most enjoy the tailgating atmosphere that comes with the long wait. People bring folding chairs and breakfast tacos and pop a beer while waiting. If you aren’t into waiting in line for hours, locals recommend heading over to La Barbecue for brisket, ribs and sausage that rivals Franklin. Other top notch recommendations are Stiles Switch BBQ and Terry Black’s BBQ.

For breakfast in Austin, you HAVE to get breakfast tacos. Austin is the land of breakfast tacos. A breakfast taco is a mix of scrambled eggs, whatever protein, and cheese wrapped in a flour tortilla. Locals swear by Torchy’s tacos and their more creative offerings. That said, there are many taco trailers scattered throughout the city. More adventurous eaters prefer these. The prices are cheaper, and often you are getting homemade Mexican food. El Primo on So 1st is a popular option. Don’t be bashful, drive around and find a taco trailer that looks interesting(the dirtier the better), and give it a try.

Dinner in Austin can be a more formal affair. You owe it to yourself to experience some of the finer creative options found in Austin. Odd Duck is a farm to table restaurant that only uses seasonal Texas ingredients to produce some of the most creative and tasty food in Austin. They work to capture the true craft of cooking in each bite, using only the finest, freshest ingredients.

Lots of my past bachelor party groups have wanted a nice steak in Austin. There are many steak houses to choose from. III Forks and Austin Land and Cattle are two favorites.

Nightlife: Where is the best nightlife in Austin?

austin brewery tours
Sixth ST photo courtesy of ACVB

Finally, we need to get you to where the nightlife action is. Fortunately, Austin nightlife is concentrated in several areas that are all nearby. You will definitely want to hit Dirty 6th or the area of 6th Street between I-35 and Congress. This area has many bars worth exploring.  It is generally a younger crowd. Think shot bars.

When you get tired of this, or if it ends up not being your scene, head over to Rainey Street. Rainey Street is a short 2 block section of a street containing former residential houses that have been turned into trendy restaurants and bars. Banger’s Sausage House and Beer Garden is a popular choice. They make sausage and other meats in house and have 100 beers on tap. If you are looking for Texas craft beer, head into Craft Pride. It’s a chill casual place to drink  a beer. Finally, check out the Container Bar. Here, shipping containers have been stacked and arranged in a funky manner. It’s different and cool to check out.

After Rainey, head over to East 6th Street, east of downtown and the Interstate highway. This is hipster heaven. Many many food trucks/trailers, bars and restaurants are located here. Take an Uber over here and just walk around. Poke your head in a few places and if you like, stick around.  If you don’t there are many more to choose from. Shangri La is a cool local haunt. Think dive bar with a cool patio. They serve strong drinks as a bonus. Another place to consider is Whisler’s. Cool local bar in a funky old building that serves strong drinks also. There is a nIce Asian fusion food truck called Thai Kun located on site. Definite local vibe here.

Bachelor Party in Austin: Conclusion    

Well, there you have it, my expert advice on planning the perfect bachelor party weekend in Austin, Texas. Hope you enjoyed my tutorial. Like I said before, it is important to me as a tour guide to make sure everyone that visits Austin has a memorable experience. Use my background and experience to your advantage. What do you think of the article? Please comment below if I missed anything. Share the article as well. I hope you have a great visit to Austin. Cheers!



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